Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daily Adventures July 18 - 22, 2011

This week is gonna be HOT.  We'll be finding ways to get out and have fun while trying to stay cool.  I never was very cool, though . . . sorry about that one.  The Minneapolis Aquatennial is going on this week.  There are lots of events around town including a torchlight parade on Wednesday and fireworks on Saturday.  Enjoy - the Winter Carnival is right around the corner.

Monday, July 18  Como Zoo is always free, but today they also offer free rides on their historic Cafesjian's Carousel.  It's been there since 1914.  It's not every day you get to ride on a 97-year-old horse.  Como Town amusement park, complete with cooling water misters and a mini golf course, is nearby if spinning in circles at 4 mph doesn't satiate your need for excitement.  Later you can cool off by sitting really close at Sparky's seal show and hope that he splashes you.  Mmmm . . . seal water.

Tuesday, July 19  The Three Rivers Park District has some of the best facilities in the area.  Today I think we'll head to Lake Minnetonka Regional Park and hang at their "bool."  That's my clever combination of "beach" and "pool," which is what you'll find there.  We'll get sand in our suits and chlorine in our eyes but, hey, the heat index is gonna be over 100 so we won't care.

Wednesday, July 20  The "Ten Best Days of Bakken" continue this week, and I think this looks like the best day of all.  "Wizards" from 3M are visiting today to practice their science magic.  They claim they can bend light.  I'll believe it when I see it.  You and your kids can get matching lightning tattoos and you won't regret it in the morning.  Admission is free all week.

Thursday, July 21  You can head to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum today after 4:30 pm for free admission.  In addition to the landscapey things you'll find there, there is also an exhibition of steel sculptures called "Steelroots" (don't touch them today - you might burn) and a bog walk.  After your visit, or if it's just too hot to do landscaping, consider attending the opening reception of Eddie Hamilton's "Big Bad Building Builder" at the Art Institutes International Minnesota from 5-6:30 pm.  Get directions to AIIM here.

THIS JUST IN - There is a program called Car Theft For Kids taking place today, Thursday, at the Walker Open Field.  It is free and takes place from 1-3 pm and again from 4-6 pm.  You will need to pre-register at 612.375.5812.  At this workshop you will learn how to break into and out of a car.  See a short video here.

Friday, July 22  Okay, okay.  By now you've probably had all the heat you can handle.  Find your reprieve indoors at the best movie theater in town.  The Riverview Theater sells matinee tickets for $2, just $3 in the evenings.  The popcorn is outstanding and reasonably priced to boot.  Take time before or after the show to check out the history of the theater displayed throughout the lobby.  You'll go back in time and, maybe more importantly, down about 25 degrees.

Saturday, July 23  Have you ever wanted to watch some Australian Rules Football?  Me neither, but today the Minnesota Freeze hosts a three-team tournament at Lake Nokomis.  The Freeze play at 11 am against Des Moines and at 2:15 pm vs. Chicago.  It's Chicago vs. Des Moines at 12:15 pm.  The women's match is at 1:15 pm, if you'd like to encourage your daughter to play "Footy."  The games last about 45 minutes.  I don't know about you, but I can do just about anything for 45 minutes.

Stay cool, Regal Guardians, stay cool.

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