Monday, August 13, 2012

Daily Adventures August 13-18, 2012

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Monday, August 13
We're running out of time to take advantage of the Museum Adventure Pass, which ends Labor Day after a six-year run.  Only Celine Dion's time at Caesar's Palace rivals this kind of staying power.  The program offers free admission for two to 17 attractions around the Twin Cities.  Allow me to suggest picking up a pass at your local library and visiting The Works today.  The Works is a hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) museum.  Admission is $6 if you need more than your two freebies, and you can pay an additional $2 each to participate in a design lab where your kids build something to bring home.

Tuesday, August 14
I'm a week early for this one, but I wanted to give you the option to catch the Choo Choo Bob Show on TV before you visit the store next week.  The show airs at 9 am Saturday on channel 45, if your kids could use a primer to pique their interest in trains.  Then next Tuesday, August 21, stop in for Story Time with Engineer Paul at 10 o'clock.  If story time isn't your thing, you can always just stop by to check out the models.  Bob also has trains you can play with while you're there.  When you're done, be sure to step down the street for an ice cream cone at Izzy's.  It's the best ice cream in town, according to me.  Try the salted caramel - you may never order anything else again.

Wednesday, August 15
Did you know the recently fashionable food-trucks have their roots in the chuckwagons of the Wild West?  At least that's what Wikipedia claims, and they're never wrong.  You can taste this craze at a food-truck court in St. Paul every Wednesday, starting at 11 am, at the corner of Kellogg and Wabasha.  What could be better than eating food that was made in the back of a converted delivery van?  Take your purchase to nearby Rice Park and enjoy your vittles around the fountain.  You can check for the latest food-truck info on Twitter using #foodtruckcourt. 

Thursday, August 16
When I took my career aptitude test with the counselor in high school, he said I was supposed to be a pilot.  I think I would've enjoyed that job - I love flying.  If you think your kids might love flying, they have the opportunity to check it out on a free flight with the EAA Young Eagles.  After flying they can become a student member of the EAA, complete an online flight training course, and even receive their first flight lessson, all for free.  To set up this experience, contact a flight coordinator or visit the Forest Lake Fly-In and Open House this Saturday from 10-4.

Friday, August 17
Geocaching is the best of both worlds.  It combines old-fashioned tromping around in the Great Outdoors with cutting-edge global positioning satellite technology leading you to a hidden cache.  And tomorrow is International Geocaching Day, so maybe the time is right to give it a try if you haven't already.  There are 25 state parks, including Fort Snelling, that offer free loaner GPS units and geocache scavenger hunts on-site.  If you own your own GPS unit, there is an International Geocaching Day event at Cleary Lake Regional Park tomorrow that kicks off at noon with a potluck lunch.

Saturday, August 18
If you're not already up in an airplane at the aforementioned Forest Lake Fly-In, or out geocaching at Cleary Lake, you can take part in the final Kidical Mass ride of the summer.  Today they meet at Farview Park at 9 am, ride along Emerson Avenue to Webber Parkway, and end up at the North Mississippi River Park playground.  I don't think they offer shuttles back to where you started but, fortunately, you'll have your bike with you.

Enjoy your time together!     

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