Monday, June 18, 2012

Daily Adventures June 18-23, 2012

Hello, Regal Guardians!

I have to admit there are times when I can get cynical.  I trust at least some of you can commiserate?  Even so, I have to share this experience from my sons' baseball game last week.  As you can imagine, baseball for third-graders is filled with lots of strike-outs and dropped balls.  The nice part is that very few of the players seem to let it bother them.  The parents can be a different story.  We tend to feel every missed swing and overthrown ball quite sharply.

I think it was the bottom of the second inning when "The Catch" occurred.  Our team was in the field and several uneventful pitches had already been thrown.  The pitcher wound up and delivered another fastball to the plate.  This time the batter swung and the ball traveled in a high, smooth arc towards right field.  The crowd held its collective breath.

As soon as the ball left the bat our right fielder had his glove in the air.  He took a couple steps to the right, then left.  He backed up a little, I think he spun around, took one more step to his left, started to fall down and then . . . he caught it.

His dad was sitting in a lawn chair a short distance to my right.  He leaped to his feet with both hands clenched and thrust straight into the air.  I'm sure he was shouting but I couldn't hear him because every parent there was cheering like crazy, even those from the other team.  The smile on the boy's face lit up the field as he threw the ball back to the pitcher. 

I'm an elementary school teacher so I know tears when I see them.  I know I saw tears in his dad's eyes.  For a long while.  A scene like that makes it kinda hard to be cynical, at least for a few timeless moments.

Monday, June 18
When you're talking free family activities in the Twin Cities, it's had not to mention the Como Zoo in St. Paul.  But today is extra special.  Free on free, if you will.  Because while Como Zoo is always gratis, today you can get a complimentary ride on Cafesjian's Carousel and save yourself $1.50 per person!  For a family of four that's like . . . $5!  (School's out for summer, remember.)  The 98-year-old carousel was saved from auction in 1988, thanks largely to Gerard L. Cafesjian and his $600,000 donation.  Combine that with "a six-year-old's gift of a quarter, two dimes and a nickel to 'save my favorite horse,'" among others, and the result is a free pony ride for you.  Almost makes you want to donate yourself, doesn't it?

Tuesday, June 19
I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that libraries in the eight-county metro area offer free Museum Adventure Passes to 17 locations around town.  The bad news?  The program ends this year, so my goal is to visit all of the places I have missed over the past five years.  Today I think we'll start with the Landing in Shakopee.  This park recreates life along the Minnesota River Valley during the mid 1800's.  Since we're getting in for free (two of us anyway) I might spring for the guided tour.  If not, I'll just go around asking the "costumed interpreters" why they do everything the hard way.

Wednesday, June 20
Muller Family Theaters are offering free movies on Wednesdays at 10 am (July 4th excepted) through August 15.  This week you can see Mr. Popper's Penguins in Lakeville, Kung Fu Panda in Monticello, Aliens in the Attic in White Bear Township, or Night at the Museum 2 in Rogers.  The Waconia, Delano, East Bethel, and Willow Creek theaters haven't listed their option yet.  It's first come, first sit so you might want to go early.  Doors open at 9:30 am.  And bring a little pocket change because I'm sure the Dots aren't free.

Thursday, June 21
There seems to be a number of free bowling programs out there, but the option I chose is called "AMF Summer Unplugged" and it promises to be as huge as MTV's Unplugged!  OK, maybe not, but when we put the bumpers up on the alley, the sparks really start to fly!  When you register, your kids 15 and under get two free games of bowling every day until September 3.  For a one-time fee of $30, up to four adults can join in the fun.  You don't even need to have kids to get this deal!  But you will have to pay for shoes unless, like me, you own your own.  Yes, I own my own bowling shoes.

Friday, June 22
The Hennepin County Library has so many cool things going on this summer I'm a twitter.  No, not a tweeter, I gave that up.  At your local library you'll find book making programs called "Paint it Green," acting workshops ("Act Out!") with Guthrie teaching artists, magnet experiments with a Bakken Museum educator, sculpture making and storytelling in the "Art Out of the Box" series conducted by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and the Brodini Comedy and Magic Show with magician Graylyn Morris.  This is in addition to the Girls Read, Guys Read, Kids Read, and child-parent book clubs available.  Dates and times vary by location, and some activities require registration.  You'll have to dig a little at Kid Links to find the best options for you, but I'm confident you'll uncover some real treasure!

Saturday, June 23
This just in!  There is a Kidical Mass bike ride today from 9-11:30 am.  This ride is sponsored by Bike Walk Move Twin Cities.  Meet at Venture North Bike Walk Center located at 1830 Glenwood Ave. N. in Minneapolis.  From there you'll travel along Wirth and Bassett's Creek Parkways on your way to the Sculpture Garden at the Walker.  It's about a three-mile ride reaching speeds of up to 6 mph, so helmets are required.  Harley chaps, however, are not.  

Have a great week!

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