Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daily Adventures June 25-30, 2012

Monday, June 25
It's Monday, so let's Do Something.  Use the Action Finder on this website to peruse volunteer opportunities in and outside of your community.  You can search by the cause you'd like to help out (animals, troops, etc.), whether you'd like to volunteer with a group or by yourselves, if you'd like to serve in your community or online, and you can even choose your time commitment, ranging from one minute to one year.  This is a great opportunity to have a conversation with your kids about philanthropy that will undoubtedly digress into stories from your Phi Kappa Lambda days.  If you slip up and talk about "shots," maybe they'll think you used to be a Clone Trooper.

Tuesday, June 26
I mentioned last week that there's treasure to be found on our county library site, Kid Links.  We will be attending one of the "Art Out of the Box" sessions found there this afternoon.  The description says that kids will "investigate form and fiction found in sculpture from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts."  I get the form part, but I'm a little foggier on the fiction.  Anyway, then they get to "sculpt characters to tell their own stories," so we'll be well on our way to making our own "Wallace and Gromit" movie.

Wednesday, June 27
Speaking of your days at Phi Kappa Lambda, here's your chance to head down to the University of Minnesota.  Alison Scott will be performing for free as part of the Summer Music Festival on Northrop Plaza from noon to 1 pm today.  Find a bike route to get there at Ride the City MSP.  Alison is described as having an organic, soulful sound and has opened for the likes of Bon Jovi and Marc Cohn.  And, if that isn't enough reason for you to go, maybe the free Vitamin Water will change your mind.  Yeah, I thought so.

Thursday, June 28
The Twin Cities River Rats put on the best water skiing show I've ever seen, and they do it for free every Thursday at 7 pm.  Bring a lawn chair or blanket and prepare to be entertained.  These folks can ski on two skis, one ski, bare feet, other peoples bare feet (?), on their backs, on shoulders and off jumps.  I bet if you gave them a couple of ipads, they could ski on those, too.  The applications for ipads just never end, do they?

Friday, June 29
We have decided to implement the Share, Save, Spend, or Three Jars, program with our kids.  Using this philosophy, kids put a percentage of their allowance towards savings and charitable causes while the rest is available to spend as they choose.  This eliminates much of the frustration that bubbles up, for all involved parties, when the adults make all the purchasing decisions.  Instead, children learn to manage their own money.  While they will make spending decisions we don't always approve of, they're still saving money and putting some to good use for others.  So today, we're going to the bank to set up savings accounts for our boys, complete with electronic transfers from our bank account.  Now, if you find a program that helps adults put money into their savings accounts, let me know.  Please.

Saturday, June 30 
We are going to get a Museum Adventure Pass for a train ride from Osceola to Dresser, WI run by the Minnesota Transportation Museum.  There are three departure times available, but we're opting for the 1:15 pm train because it's a 50 minute round trip.  You can also travel from Osceola to St. Croix Falls, but that takes 90 minutes and I'm afraid the charm might wear off.  For me.  Osceola is a nice little town founded in 1844, so save some time to stroll around after your trip.  I think we'll wear our cowboy hats and pretend we're pioneers.

Enjoy your adventures!

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